We are pleased to let everyone know, we are ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS again!

Thank you to our wonderful clients for being so patient through another crazy busy summer grooming season.

We appreciate the trust you put in us to make your fur babies look and feel their best!

Your premier pet grooming salon

Thank you for selecting TopKnots to Tails as the stylist for your pet! We strive to be kind and courteous to both our four and two-legged clients. We pride ourselves on having a clean, comfortable salon where your pets are treated like part of the family.

Top-notch care for dogs and cats

Not only do we provide superior customer service to you and your pet, we have the technology to make sure your furry always receives the highest level of care. We are one of only a few salons that have a Clipper Vac System. We know that your pet's style is a personal choice, much like your own hair. So we make sure to pay special attention to your specific style requests. With four groomers on staff, you'll have a variety of experience at your fingertips

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At TopKnots to Tails we include all the necessities. All grooms include bath, toenails, anal glands and plucking and cleaning of the ears. You don’t have to ask for these to be done, we do it automatically.