Please be on time for you appointment. We work on a 2-hour turnaround time. We have a ½ hour to pre-lim and bathe your pet. If you are late, you are taking away time for us to finish grooming someone else’s pet.

No Shows

We understand that things happen that we have no control over. Please call to reschedule if possible. After two no call/ no shows we do require you pre-pay for your next appointment.

Potty Place

There is a grassy area behind the building if your dog needs to go to the bathroom. If your dog relieves himself in the parking lot or on the sidewalk, please ask us for a bag to clean it up. The Duluth City ordinance about cleaning up after your pet does apply.


Please do not bring your dog or cat in if you suspect it has fleas. Contact your vet for all current flea products available. Once your pet is flea free, you may schedule an appointment. Also, we do not do flea dips or flea baths as preventatives.

Shot Records

Although we do not require shot records to be seen, it is in your best interest to have your pet fully vaccinated and updated, including bordatella.

Snow Policy

We do own all-wheel drive vehicles. We will, if at all possible, be open during snow/school cancellation days. We have not yet closed due to weather.